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Katie Says Goodbye

Katie Says Goodbye



IMDB: /10 votes

In purchase to greatest conserve the required funds to leave her barren city as well as recover, Katie woman of the streets herself to a handful of regulars that constant the restaurant she waitresses at. As she approaches to conserving the funds she thinks her brand new lifestyle needs, she faces a youthful ex-convict calledBruno Katie swiftly joins passion, a lot to the discouragement of Bruno's colleagues at the local area automobile body system outlet. As a partnership along ...

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us    03 Feb 2017

PG-13 120 minReleased

IMDB: 6.3/10 2,196 votes

Gardner Elliot is the first human being born on Mars, the son of an astronaut who embarked on a space mission. The young man has only met fourteen people in his sixteen years of life, and does not even know who his father is. But, eager for answers, he looks for steps on the origin of his progenitor. Thus, it initiates a peculiar friendship at a distance with Tulsa, a smart adolescent of Colorado that lives on Earth. At last Gardner ...

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